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Founder, Bumberry, Kochi, Kerala

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As a first-time parent in 2011, a concern emerged amidst the joy and sleepless nights: diapering can be a hassle. With limited options available on market shelves and Kirana stores, there wasn’t much choice but to stick to disposable diapers. With as many as 10 diapers used a day (or 7,000 diapers until a child is bathroom trained), diapering can become expensive and environmentally harmful.

When my sister sent us a shipment of cloth diapers made by an American company named Bumgenius, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised. They were soft, easily washable, and most importantly, reusable. Beyond the immediate benefits, I glimpsed an opportunity – an eco-friendly diaper solution tailored for the Indian market, echoing the ‘Make in India’ spirit.

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The path to Bumberry

Drawing upon a decade of management expertise, with roots in the distinguished Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, I threw myself into an exhaustive market research. This journey led me to Indonesia, renowned for diaper manufacturing. Here, I got insights into the intricate processes which laid the foundation for Bumberry.

Designed and manufactured in the heart of Cochin, Kerala, Bumberry’s cloth diapers are a manifestation of indigenous innovation. Meticulously crafted with absorbent microfiber fabric, they promise unparalleled comfort for babies.

With just 10 Bumberry diapers sufficing a baby’s entire diapering journey, I aimed to reduce the 1.5 tons of non-biodegradable waste a single baby typically uses.

Tailoring Success with Walmart Vriddhi

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges. Traditional distribution channels crumbled overnight. However, joining the Walmart Vriddhi program helped me navigate through the hurdles that COVID had thrown my way. Vriddhi’s foresight in emphasizing digital literacy and ecommerce became my lifeline. Under their guidance, Bumberry transitioned, and we began selling on key platforms like Flipkart. The brand began establishing a solid foothold and we started winning many customers.

Walmart Vriddhi became my strategic guide in navigating the commercial space. My association with a Walmart Vriddhi mentor through the program was transformational. My mentor provided me with invaluable insights into business, finance, and strategic decision-making. The expertise provided proved indispensable, especially during challenging fiscal periods. The mentoring sessions, both structured and candid, ensured accountability and consistent growth.

Reflecting on Bumberry’s sales trajectory, there has been a significant growth in the revenue since the inception of my business. Now, with even loftier aspirations, I am setting sight on greater milestones for the future.

Bumberry’s commitment goes beyond just product excellence. The brand’s ethos is deeply connected to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. My endeavor to manufacture within the country emphasizes our trust in India’s manufacturing prowess.

I am now focused on broadening Bumberry’s product range beyond diapers. Plans are underway to branch out into personal hygiene segments. Central to this expansion is the brand’s strong digital presence, which I believe is vital for modern MSMEs.

My partnership with Walmart Vriddhi is more than just a chapter in Bumberry’s story; it’s the backbone. As I move forward, my brand’s journey stands as a testament to the endless potential of innovation, collaboration, and the dynamic ‘Make in India’ spirit.

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