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Rajesh Gransha Rakholiya,

Founder, Global Bridge Exim, Surat - Gujarat

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My company, Global Bridge Exim, started out in Surat as an offline enterprise that sold sarees. Then, three years ago, sales began to gradually decline. I heeded the advice of friends who recognized the potential for digital commerce and decided to switch to an online business.  


That’s how I came to make my online debut on the Flipkart Marketplace in April 2019, selling costume jewellery. Even though I did not have any e-commerce training, I learned on the job and I was happy with the way the business was going – until I had to abruptly shut down the venture a year later. The global pandemic had reached India and non-essential products could not be sold during the lockdown. 

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Knowledge helps me grow sales

I got in touch with Walmart Vriddhi around April 2021. Thanks to the programme’s training modules, I have learned key concepts in areas like stock management, labelling, quality control, and expanding into new markets. 

For example, I now understand how to use data about what is trending to anticipate daily demand and keep the right volume of the right products in stock. 

The Vriddhi modules also introduced me to a range of B2B and B2C platforms suitable for the Lorvens brand.  

After a bit of local R&D, I recognized the tremendous potential of the beauty and personal care industry. To harness demand in this space, I created a brand called Lorvens. I worked on the trademark process and licensing at home and started manufacturing, with beard oil as my first product. But with e-commerce remaining the preference for most customers throughout the pandemic, I knew I had to further hone my online business acumen. 

With my offline business closed, I had to think on my feet and adapt to the new normal. I’m not one to give up easily, so I used my time during the pandemic to explore new avenues for diversification. Finally, I decided to enter the essential products category. 

My turnover has increased 200% since I started the training – a jump that’s come about thanks to the knowledge I’ve gained from Walmart Vriddhi.  

I am now at Level two of the Vriddhi training. I have also enrolled in Flipkart Smart Fulfilment, a programme that gives sellers help from Flipkart on warehouse and inventory management and logistics. And I attend Walmart events and seminars to continue to increase my business knowledge.  


Today, I get orders from across the country and I’m expanding my offerings in the personal care category. My plan is to extend my business onto other online marketplaces, too. Eventually, I want to also participate in the offline supply chain as a well-known niche brand alongside the major players.  

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