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From Bedtime Stories to Business Milestones: A Mother’s Inspiring Tale

Reena Chauhan

Founder, RV Inc, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

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In a world where entrepreneurial tales often revolve around profit, my story paints a different canvas. Every toy I sell symbolizes a brighter tomorrow, not just for my child, but for numerous other children. On an average, children aged 2 to 5 years spend about 2.25 hours a day on digital screens. This highlights the importance of high-quality, educational toys which foster creativity and social skills among young children instead of digital screens.

Soon after my son was born, I simultaneously embarked on the exciting journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship. This story is about my determination as a mother, the fine art of balancing bedtime tales with business meetings, and an unyielding faith that I could make my mark in a competitive world, while fostering both my child’s and my dreams.

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Walmart Vriddhi: Nurturing Passion and Purpose

Motherhood brought me immense happiness and a desire to explore new opportunities. I ventured into the world of fashion by launching a designer kurti label. This was my first attempt in entrepreneurship and there were hurdles along the way. But despite the initial setback, I did not give up on my dream. That is when I learned about Walmart Vriddhi, a program that helps budding entrepreneurs shape their dreams.

Walmart Vriddhi team taught me about business fundamentals, supply chain management, product promotion, and trademarks – areas I was struggling with. I gained confidence as an entrepreneur and started exploring new ideas. That’s when I realized that do-it-yourself (DIY) toys offered huge opportunity. My emotions as a mother and experience as an educator came in handy. I used to teach before my son was born and that helped me design toys that foster creativity and social skills in children in a fun way.

Fun Fry Toys emerged as a promising brand under my company RV Inc. I established RV Inc. with a vision to explore and innovate in various entrepreneurial realms. Fun Fry was conceptualized to be more than just a toy brand; I have made it my mission to make learning a joyous journey through imaginative and enriching toys, crafting a world where education meets amusement and curiosity sparks innovation.

Broadening Horizons with Flipkart

Walmart Vriddhi’s online training program was not just another classroom format; it was a versatile and simple app that allowed me to learn at any time of the day or night, fitting seamlessly into my role as an entrepreneur and a mother. This unique and accessible learning platform facilitated Fun Fry’s collaboration with Flipkart, expanding our reach across India and taking our toys to homes in both remote and picturesque locations of the country.

I crafted a unique promotional strategy featuring product videos starring my son with the help of my Walmart Vriddhi mentor. This genuine connection resonated with parents.

Envisioning Fun Fry’s Tomorrow

Today, Fun Fry brings affordable learning toys to numerous Indian households. My team and I plan on championing local manufacturing and dream of solar-powered toys, reflecting our commitment to a greener future. The toys are designed to stimulate cognitive and creative faculties, catering to the growing demand for innovative educational toys.

Embarking on an entrepreneurial path requires determination and guidance. My journey stands as an example that with passion and persistence and the right direction which I found in Walmart Vriddhi; anyone can realize their most ambitious entrepreneurial aspirations.

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