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In the midst of tragedy, I found my footing through Walmart Vriddhi

Chanda Sharma

Owner, Delhi Gift House, Delhi

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My husband and I set up Delhi Gift House in 2018 as a wholesaler of decorative gift items. My husband worked so hard, growing the business, sale by sale. I was busy with our baby, but I helped whenever I could.

The first wave of the pandemic was a struggle to keep the business afloat since there was a shortage of raw materials and accessory products. But we both accepted that such ups and downs are a part of every entrepreneur’s life. And we were hopeful that things would improve.

Then the second wave of the pandemic arrived. Nothing could have prepared me for the biggest blow of my life—my husband passed away fighting the virus. His sudden demise left a gaping hole in my life. The business he had built for us began to unravel as support dried up from all corners. I was blindsided, and I had to learn everything from scratch.

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A ray of hope

Two months after my husband tragically passed away, I got a call from the Walmart Vriddhi team. That first conversation helped me shake off the shock, and I began attending webinars on business management.

Some days felt like an uphill struggle. For example, vendors and staff were initially hesitant to accept a woman running the business. I saw some of them turning their backs on us after I took charge, but I am thankful to Walmart’s Vriddhi team for handholding me to get my business back on its feet.

I am so glad to be on the Walmart Vriddhi platform and to have support to help me stabilise my business at a difficult time.

A balanced life

The Walmart Vriddhi learning program has not only given me the confidence to take over the reins of our business but has also helped me get a head start in the online market. The Walmart Vriddhi team guided me throughout my onboarding process for Flipkart, with regular follow-ups on my progress. We all felt like celebrating when Delhi Gift House achieved good earnings on Flipkart during Diwali.

I’m proud I’ve been able to take my business online. It is not just a new sales channel; it also allows me the flexibility to be there for my toddler.

A Path forward

The Walmart Vriddhi webinar sessions I attended during those early days made me reflect on the numerous possibilities and opportunities I have to grow my business. Those sessions helped me not get caught in a vicious cycle of negativity.

Now, I’m thinking ahead. It’s only been six months since I lost my husband, but I have cleared my debts and am on the lookout for ways to scale my business.

Despite a few setbacks, I’ve hired staff to help with logistics. We’re focusing on improving our packaging and delivering quality products to customers.

With the support of Walmart Vriddhi, I believe I have found my footing and a way to balance my life. I know I can earn an income as a single mother and take my business to new heights while also bringing up my child.

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