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Nurturing Bees, Building Dreams: My Journey with Biju Thadathil Farm Honey

Biju Kuriakose

Founder, Biju Thadathil Farm Resort Private Limited, Kochi, Kerala

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Back in 1989, before “sustainability” became a global buzzword and “supporting local” a movement, I was just a regular person with a simple idea and a patch of land. While everyone was rushing towards modernization, I looked to the bees, nature’s little engineers, for inspiration. I believed in the potential of honey harvesting, not just as a business, but as a means to support the environment and my community. That small plot of land and my belief in the idea laid the foundation to Biju Thadathil Farm Honey. It is more than just a business; it is my way of embracing nature, sustainability, and local skills way before it became a trend.

What began as a small endeavour on my farm, soon became an inspiration for many. I noticed that other aspiring entrepreneurs saw the potential in honey farming. They looked at my journey, acknowledged the challenges and recorded the successes and simultaneously realized they too could make a mark in this industry.

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A promise of quality: every drop, every jar

I have always believed in delivering the best. In the honey business, this meant being certain that every honey drop was pure and unadulterated. The bees became more than just insects; they were partners in this venture, I made it my mission to care about them.

Ensuring the well-being of the bees was just part of the journey while making sure that the product was of the highest quality was a major focus. I didn’t just collect the honey and bottle it, but also tested it to ensure its purity was intact. I worked to create an unparalleled taste so those who consumed Biju Thadathil Farm Honey knew they were tasting something authentic.

And the varieties! From New Zealand’s beautiful North Island, Bush honey was sourced. From Kerala the state I hail from, the distinct Multiflora honey was harvested. And of course, there was the Manuka honey, globally known for its potent health benefits. In total, 19 different varieties of honey were developed, each with its unique taste and flavour.

When the business began expanding and I knew I couldn’t do it alone, I was joined by a team of 15 dedicated individuals who shared my passion. Together, we ventured across India, collaborating with local communities and sourcing the finest honey. In doing so, we weren’t just expanding a business; we were supporting families, farmers, and entire communities.

Seeing the bigger picture with Walmart Vriddhi

Now, every story has its inflection point, moments that redefine the narrative. For Biju Thadathil Farm Honey, the turning point was being part of the Walmart’s Vriddhi program.

With Walmart Vriddhi’s guidance, we delved deeper into the intricacies of marketing, understood the nuances of costing, and took employee training to the next level. The insights and support we received were invaluable. We learnt to streamline our processes, making our operations smoother and more efficient.

But it wasn’t just about business. The Vriddhi program made us see the bigger picture. It taught us the importance of sustainable growth, of creating a business model that would stand the test of time.

As we continued to grow; innovation remained the pivot. We’re now introducing a simple yet game-changing product – the honey spoon. Just another way we aim to make our customers’ experience a tad sweeter and a lot more convenient.

To say Walmart Vriddhi’s program played a crucial role in our journey would be an understatement. With their support, combined with our team’s commitment to excellence, Biju Thadathil Farm Honey is not just a brand; it’s a promise. A promise of quality, authenticity, and passion.

Looking back, every jar of honey we sell carries a piece of that journey, a tale of dedication, growth, and the sweet taste of success. As I look to the future, I am filled with hope – hope for further growth, for more innovations, and for touching even more lives. Finally, it is not just about the honey; it is about the connections we make, the communities we uplift, and the dreams we realize.

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