<h1>Sell clothes online India</h1>

Sell clothes online India

<h1>Sell clothes online India</h1>

5 Reasons why you should sell clothes online

The textile and apparel industry in India is on a growth journey and shows no signs of slowing down. Since clothing is one of the basic needs of a person, the sector is filled with business opportunities. The growth of the fashion industry and increased globalization in the recent years has also undoubtedly boosted the growth in the sector. However, one of the major contributors to the growth in the industry is the increasing digitalization in India and the adoption of eCommerce. Indian consumers have already embraced online shopping, and it is high time businesses also tapped into the burgeoning market.

Start now

By 2029, the Indian textile sector is expected to be worth more than USD 209 billion and the country is taking significant measures to boost the sector. The internet penetration rate in India is now at 45% and the total number of users are expected to reach 900 million by 2025.
In 2020, India had the third-largest online shopping base (140 million) behind China and the United States and in the aftermath of the pandemic, the number has only grown. eCommerce has changed the way people do business in India and it is estimated to reach USD 350 billion by 2030. Therefore, small businesses should utilize these opportunities and sell clothes online in India.


The cost of establishing an online business is less than that of establishing an offline business. Your company’s entire sales system is automated when you sell online. As a result, you can save money on things like staff, wages, and other business expenses like energy, rent, and heating.

24/7 service

You do not have to limit your potential customers with online shops because they can access them any time of the day. Therefore, your sales and profitability are maximized.
Online garments selling eliminates any geographical limitations an office-based business would ordinarily have. As an online seller, you can run your business from any location in the world.

Changing customer demands

India has one of the world’s largest youth populations. Currently, over half of the total population is under the age of 25. The youth are the main customer-base of textiles and apparel, and they are the main eCommerce customers as well.
The new-age consumers search for simplicity of shopping, variety in selection, better deals, and simple return policies; all of which are easily accessible online. If you sell your clothes online in India, it also dramatically improves your customer base because of the wider market reach.

Better grasp of customer base

By tracking the trends on eCommerce platforms, you will be exposed to more apparel business ideas. Selling online will help you determine which products are doing well which, in turn, will help you increase the production and supply of these items. You can then improve on these successful products and widen your catalogue. This will enable you to improve sales, customer base, and profitability. Selling on eCommerce platforms like Flipkart also allows you to expand your customer base because your products will get higher visibility.