Success Stories

MSME Success Stories

We are proud to be part of business journeys that have turned into stories of inspiration and success. Take a look at some of our growth stories.

MSME SuperPower: Execution

Diving into eCommerce has helped my business grow


Co-founder, Skylock

After graduating from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University with a Master’s in Marketing, I joined my family’s automation business in 2016. That same year also saw me embark on my entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Skylock, my brand of packaging materials.

MSME SuperPower: Positivity

Weaving embroidered dupattas into a multi-crore business

Kajal Makwana

Co-Founder, Harshiv enterprise, Surat, Gujarat

A few years ago, I developed a new women’s fashion product: a net-embroidered dupatta. I began selling it on Flipkart and was delighted when it took off and started trending. Unfortunately, a host of players quickly ripped off my beautiful design and began eating into my market share.

MSME SuperPower: Lifelong Learning

We accelerated our growth with digital retail

Harshal Gada

Co-Founder, Online Becho, Mumbai, Maharashtra

My brother, Jatin Gada, and I have run a manufacturing business for more than three decades. With a strong belief that eCommerce is the future of Indian business, we branched out to co-found a digital retail company in 2014.

MSME SuperPower: Decisiveness

Bold decisions shaped my 25-year business journey

Surender Sharma

Founder, ABBS International Inc., Panipat, Haryana

In 1997, I set up a small manufacturing unit in my hometown, Panipat. As I hail from the “city of weavers”, you won’t be surprised that my company, ABBS International Inc., specialises in home textiles.

MSME SuperPower: Dynamism

Reaching new customers through modern trade

Mohammed Taqi Vakil

Administrative & Finance Director, Kings Crispy Onions, Bhavnagar, Gujarat

The food business is among the toughest to be in today, as a sharper focus on safety, hygiene, quality and regulatory compliance puts pressure on producers.

MSME SuperPower: Resilience

We’re changing with the times

Jayati Jain

Owner, Manik Mercantile, Delhi

Manik Mercantile is a family business, a wholesaler of dry fruits, nuts and seeds, based in Khari Baoli, Delhi. My husband Rishi and I run the company, supplying almonds, black raisins, white and red pistachios, walnuts, figs, cumin seeds, and other treats.

MSME SuperPower: Vision

Building the future while honouring the past

Rahul Aggarwal

Owner, Jutex India, Panipat, Haryana

Jute is a heritage fibre of India—versatile, environment-friendly, and beautiful, with a golden colour and a silky shine. It is also a part of my family’s heritage. I’m a third-generation Panipat-based entrepreneur. The family business is more than 30 years old, and while our roots are in Jute, we now compete in three verticals: Plastics, Yarns and Home Furnishings.

MSME SuperPower: Adaptability

Weaving a thread of prosperity online

Hitesh Kumar

Founder, Shri Balaji Online Store, Panipat, Haryana

I had big dreams when I left my hometown of Alwar, Rajasthan, in 2005. But after eight years working in IT, I found that my career wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I was seeking when I first came to Panipat for work. So I found an even bigger dream: I would start my own business.

MSME SuperPower: Courage

In the midst of tragedy, I found my footing through Walmart Vriddhi

Chanda Sharma

Owner, Delhi Gift House, Delhi

My husband and I set up Delhi Gift House in 2018 as a wholesaler of decorative gift items. My husband worked so hard, growing the business, sale by sale. I was busy with our baby, but I helped whenever I could.

MSME SuperPower: Empowerment

Women can change the world

Aruna Dara

Founder & CEO, Apna Green Products, Hyderabad, Telangana

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy, especially for women. My business partner and I met in 1996 at Maharishi University, where we were the only two women in our MBA class. We talked about developing a business then, but after graduation, we went our separate ways—I went into a corporate career in telecoms—and we both raised families. It was great to meet again in 2016.

MSME SuperPower: Vision

How an IT professional discovered sweet success in rural India

Ankit Sharma

Owner, Future Farmers LLP, Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh

My onboarding journey on Flipkart was smooth and convenient. The platform has a flexible model, and I can leverage its delivery channel to cater to pan-India consumers.

MSME SuperPower: Boldness

New business skills fuelled my bold B2B play

Amit Gupta

Founder, Akhil Marketing, Kanpur - Uttar Pradesh

COVID-19 has been a challenge to daunt every MSME. When the pandemic first hit, my company was a success that I’d built up over more than 20 years. I founded Akhil Marketing in Kanpur in 1996. At first, it was just me.

MSME SuperPower: Pragmatism

Upskilling leads to action and success

Naveen Panwar

Founder, Kavita Traders, Jaipur -Rajasthan

After years of working as a telecom professional at a private company, I decided to switch to a government job. But destiny had something else in store for me. On the way to the entrance exam, I suffered from heatstroke.

MSME SuperPower: Resolve

I believe in dreaming big

Ruchika Arora

Director, Chetanya Loomtex, Panipat - Haryana

Until my mid-twenties, I was on a path well-trodden, with a master’s degree in Computer Science and a good government job. But after my son was born, I wanted to do something different that would let me look after him and make a name for myself.
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MSME SuperPower: Resilience

Adapting to win

Rajesh Gransha Rakholiya,

Founder, Global Bridge Exim, Surat - Gujarat

My company, Global Bridge Exim, started out in Surat as an offline enterprise that sold sarees. Then, three years ago, sales began to gradually decline. I heeded the advice of friends who recognized the potential for digital commerce and decided to switch to an online business.
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MSME SuperPower: Empowerment

Weaving a better future for rural women

Hemlata Ashish Ghadiali

Founder, Vrushti Creations, Virar - Maharashtra, Spotlight Women Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021

I’ve dreamed of being an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. I was working in a corporate job in the accounting field, but I felt I could contribute more by creating opportunities for rural women.  
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MSME SuperPower: Drive

Hungry for growth in India

Ashish Agarwal

Founder, SHK Brands, Meerut - Uttar Pradesh

Like many entrepreneurs, I started my professional life in the corporate world. After graduating with a degree in software engineering, I worked in Delhi for a couple of big firms, including Adobe.

MSME SuperPower: Courage

How I built a post-pandemic saree business

Milan Makwana

Founder, Maha Rudra Enterprise, Surat - Gujarat

The end of India’s nationwide lockdown in 2020 was an uncertain time, but that was when I started my own company.

MSME SuperPower: Vision

We’re using eCommerce to drive our business

Mohit Mehta

CEO, Vimal Handloom Emporium Pvt. Ltd., Panipat - Haryana

Entrepreneurship is in my blood. My parents established Vimal Handloom Emporium in 1997, when I was a young school boy, and I dreamt of one day making a career in the exports field.

MSME SuperPower: Resilience

We find opportunity in challenge

Harpreet Singh

Owner, Shalimar Rubber & Plastic Industries, Kundli - Haryana

As engineers, my father and I are both problem solvers. We believe that facing challenges and adapting to the new is the best way to succeed amid tough times and ensure business continuity.

MSME SuperPower: Tenacity

Persistence has paid off in my entrepreneurial journey

Mala Awasthy

Director, Kesri Transcontinental, Panipat - Haryana

My entrepreneurial journey began after my marriage, when I relocated to Panipat from New Delhi. In 1998, I gave up my teaching job to make the move.

MSME SuperPower: Tenacity

We’re getting ready to realize our export ambitions

Sagar Kalra

Owner, Arch Fab, Panipat - Haryana

My brothers and I have big dreams for our business Arch Fab. Our vision is to become a trusted global supplier of high-quality soft furnishings and household linens.

MSME SuperPower: Empowerment

A bold leap helped my team survive the pandemic

Ananth Sagar

Head, Business Development – Retail and eCommerce, Sagar Asia Private Ltd., Secunderabad - Telangana

There isn’t a single business in the world which hasn’t been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone else, we too were not prepared for its aftermath.

MSME SuperPower: Empowerment

Our special heroes are corona warriors too

Dr. Madhumita Puri

Founder, Society for Child Development (SFCD), Kamla Nagar - New Delhi

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us and the country went into lockdown, the first thing that happened was people quickly confined themselves to their homes.

MSME SuperPower: Innovation

Innovation was essential for my business

Rahul Bajaj

Director, Shree Shakti Enterprises - Delhi

The COVID-19 lockdown has been the defining period of my professional life. It has made me realise why the spirit of entrepreneurship and grit are not just attributes that help you personally, but also those around you who depend on you.

MSME SuperPower: Speed

A stitch in time saved my business

Shivani Agarwal

Founder, Scraft Products Pvt. Ltd., Pitampura - Delhi

I set up Scraft Products Pvt. Ltd. a decade ago after completing my MBA from KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai.

MSME SuperPower: Resilience

The pandemic can’t crush my spirit

Babita Gupta

Founder, Sarangi Creations, Sonipat - Haryana

I have been a business woman for over 10 years now but my beginnings were humble. In fact, not many people know that I had to sell my wedding jewelry and mortgage my house to start my business.

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