The first step to help small businesses go digital during COVID-19

<h1>The first step to help small businesses go digital during COVID-19<h1>

Time is money in business.

The outcome of any business depends on various factors but one factor that unarguably tops the list is how well you manage your business. While the capital invested, quality of goods purchased, location of your store and the craft of salesmanship matter a lot, what really matters is the time you invest in nurturing your business. Truth is, you need to concentrate on every aspect of the business and you have just 24 hours, like everybody else.

In such a scenario, when every day and every passing second is to be invested in the business you’re already running, how do you even think of expanding? Or learning something new? Or taking the path less travelled?

It’s a digital world.

Gone are the days when you would need to be physically present to ensure something had to be done. Today, a click of the button or a tap on the screen is all it takes to be wherever you have to be. Right from attending classes to making work presentations, from being a part of events to joining important celebrations, everything happens digitally.

Why should it be any different for businesses?

Managing vs expanding

You too can expand your business and set foot into the e-commerce world without having to move an inch. To start with, all you need is the required knowledge on e-commerce and support from experts who will help you step into the digital world.

The Walmart Vriddhi Program

The Walmart Vriddhi Program is a FREE online training program developed for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, like yours. A highly recommended training program, in association with global
e-commerce giants including Walmart and Flipkart, the Walmart Vriddhi Program helps businesses go digital. Here’s how. Firstly,
upon registering for the program as an MSME, you get access to the curriculum and a network of MSMES which helps you connect and understand the current market scenario and relevant challenges. The program also offers key features like on-demand learning, personal advisory and the availability of a mentor when required, making it both educative and exciting,

Training apart, the program offers one key feature which makes it easier for MSMEs to join the bandwagon of digital business. It helps you onboard on Flipkart – right from the documentation to photoshoots and everything in between, the Walmart Vriddhi program ensures you are guided all the way till your start selling on Flipkart. And continues to support and assist you, even after that.

Here’s why you PROFIT from the Walmart Vriddhi Program.

It’s absolutely FREE.

In the world of business, nothing comes free – not even a piece of cloth. However, the program, which not only offers a structured curriculum but also connects you to a network and promises personal advisory, is free. Which means, no registration charges, no hidden charges or no joining charges. Absolutely nothing.

It’s online.

Juggling with too many things can do more harm than good and that’s applicable for your business too. Thankfully, with this
program, you can focus on your existing business and yet learn, connect and grow simultaneously, as the course is online and easy to adapt to. All that you’ll ever require is a little time in your hands and a smartphone in your pocket. For those who have the luxury and space, a laptop isn’t a bad option either.

Learn at your own pace.

The course, the curriculum and the teaching; they’re online and offer pre-recorded sessions which allows you to go through them in great detail based on your availability. This means you will not have to
miss out on the curriculum or anything crucial. One key benefit of learning at your own pace is that you have nothing worrying you while you are learning and this is essential to understand and grasp things quickly. Which is what you require to grow your business to the next level.

Access to Walmart and Flipkart’s expertise.

Onboarding on Flipkart is a key benefit of the program and it helps you go digital in the most effective way. Another key benefit of the program includes gaining access to the expertise of e-commerce majors including Flipkart and Walmart. This access helps open new doors of possibilities and lets you understand the business and its challenges from an e-commence perspective.

Connect to a network

Very often, while the knowledge and experience is gained, somewhere we falter. Here’s when the advantage of a network comes. Because, sometimes, all you need to stay updated or grow is a valuable network. The Walmart Vriddhi program, as part of the course, gives you the advantage of being part of and staying connected to a network of MSMEs who collectively bring with them diverse and valuable ideas, suggestions and experiences.

Advice to improve profitability

Nothing succeeds like success. And in business, profitability is the only way to gauge success. The Walmart Vriddhi program offers dedicated and customised advice, through its panel of experts, who bring in years of experience. This helps you not only grow your business but also helps improve the profitability of your business.

In today’s world being omni-present is a possibility. Thanks to the digital revolution we are all witnessing. It goes without saying the revolution has been a springboard for many business owners globally who’ve worked it to their advantage and have catapulted their businesses to great heights.

And your story is no different.

Be a part of the digital bandwagon and go digital with your business. Without having to compromise on your existing business.