Ishu Saini

Sanitree, Jaipur

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Business Category: Women’s Hygiene

I am an International Yoga Guru and a Social Entrepreneur, with a background in exporting business and a Masters in Yoga. Since completing my degree in 2015, I have travelled to over 8 countries as a Yoga Instructor and visited corporate houses for the same. I am now a successful woman entrepreneur, working towards the upliftment of the female fraternity and making a great contribution to saving the environment. I started a business focused on women’s hygiene, specifically reusable sanitary pads.

The Walmart Vriddhi learning program has been an invaluable resource for me, helping me grow and expand my business. One of the key highlights for me has been the help and support provided by the Walmart Vriddhi team in getting my brand approved and registered as a trademark. This has been a huge success for me, and I am grateful to the Walmart Vriddhi team for their help and support. In addition to this, the Walmart Vriddhi app has been incredibly useful for me, providing valuable insights into marketplaces and specific segments, as well as teaching me about channel-based costing and how to incorporate operations costs into my products.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful to the Walmart Vriddhi team for the help and support they have provided me.


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