Kalpana Shrivastava

Yashasavi Industry, Dewas

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Business Category: Food Products

I am an MSW graduate from Ujjain and currently work as Assistant Director CSR at Bank of India in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. In addition to my work at the bank, I have also established my own NGO, Self Help, to support and empower poor and underprivileged women in the villages of Madhya Pradesh, especially those who are serving time in prison.

Through my NGO, I train these women in various skills, such as making spices and other handmade products like achhar badi and papad, so that they can be self-sufficient once they are released from prison. Many of these women face challenges when they return to society because they are not accepted by their families or communities, so my goal is to help them become financially independent so they can support themselves.

I am dedicated to this cause and am proud of the work I am doing to empower women. Following my training with the Walmart Vriddhi program, I wanted to create an effective method to optimise the supply chain process and inventory management. I hope that my spices business, Yashasavi, will continue to grow and reach people all over the world.


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