Urvashi Vohra

Caret Organics, Ludhiana

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Business Category: Cosmetics

Caret Organics, my beauty and wellness startup, has been on a journey of resilience and adaptability over the past two years. What began as a simple dream of taking my business global has been transformed by the ever-changing market conditions brought on by the pandemic. I enrolled in the Walmart Vriddhi program to better understand the market and develop strategies to increase my reach and sales. Through the program, I have learned a lot about logistics, such as how to minimise transition losses and cost cutting, return processes, and product tracking. I have also gained an in-depth understanding of marketplaces and how to approach each one with a unique marketing strategy. Overall, the most important lesson I have learned is that entrepreneurs must be able to quickly adapt and create new opportunities during a time of rapid change. With that knowledge, I am confident that Caret Organics will soon become a global success.


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