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A collection of webinars that define the Walmart Vriddhi story through the MSME spotlight and industry connect series.
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Digital Marketing

Ms. Bency Unni, co-founder and facilitator of Metalocus Learning, shares her insights on sharpening your digital marketing skills. Through this webinar, she’ll guide you on the path to equipping you with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Bency Unni

Co-founder and Facilitator - Metalocus Learning

Kochi, Kerala

Motivated Employees & Cohesive Teams

Ramesh T Krishnamurthy explains about getting your employees motivated. According to him, it’s the uniqueness of every individual that drives the team forward. He delivers a step-by-step explanation on nurturing teams and the practicalities of implementing this process. His strategy to explore human potential forms the crux of the webinar.

Ramesh T Krishnamurthy

Executive Director - Essae Chandra Institute, Founder - Align & Equip

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Marketing opportunities for micro and small businesses – imperative for going digital

Prof. Amit Gupta takes the participants through each stage of the digital process that is imperative to a business. He starts with the challenges faced by Indian MSMEs and then delves into the potential of the digital world for these businesses. The advantages and hurdles that could arise from going digital are also discussed.

Amit Gupta

Co-founder & Non-Executive Director, Callidus Social Enterprises

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Access to real-time information – a key factor in manufacturing

M.D. Manohar takes the opportunity to get into the production aspect of the business. He explains the different parameters that could help one measure the quality of manufacturing in a business. He answers questions on automation and the importance of introducing it to your business.

M.D. Manohar

Founder & Director - CEA Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Banglore, Karnataka

Operational efficiency and how to improve profitability

Nilesh Desai lists the three elements of operational efficiency: people, processes and technology. He elaborates on optimising these elements’ quality to give maximum profitability to your budding business. Desai does not leave out any aspect that could help your business cut costs and optimize.

Nilesh Desai

Founder, SMEA Analytics Pvt. Ltd. | MSME Consultant


6 P’s of Digital Transformation Post-COVID Scenario

Malik breaks down the tools that could be used to leverage the consumer in this digital economy. These tools are categorised as the 6 Ps that can transform business: People, Perception, Planning, Product, Price and Process.

Mr. Ashok Malik

Investor, Blended Hospitality | Founder, Geeks & Beasts Consulting Pvt. Ltd. | Chief Consultant, Digital Transformation at R K Marble & Granite Pvt. Ltd.

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Top Tips for eCommerce Readiness

During the webinar, our expert presented strategic planning and guidelines to successfully start selling on Flipkart. We discussed how to use Flipkart’s specialised tools and guidelines for uploading images.

Dhananjay Sharma

Program Manager – Nation Building, Flipkart

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Implementation of 5S in your business

We offered an overview of the 5S (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain) Methodology and how it can help businesses increase productivity, reduce costs and make work environments more favourable and organised.

Gayatri Sriram

Podcaster | Researcher | Coach | Consultant

Aparna Devagiri

Podcaster | Researcher | Coach | Consultant

Top 10 tips for exports

We discussed concepts such as identifying networks and new markets, export financing and payment mechanisms, shipping and logistics, schemes of foreign trade policy and much more.

Sudhakar Kasture

Mentor at EXIM Institute

Break-Even Analysis – What, Why & How

The webinar offers an in-depth look at Break-Even Analysis, a concept that start-ups and MSMEs can utilise to their advantage at various phases of business development.

V S Kumar

MBA, ACMA, ACS Entrepreneurship Trainer & Mentor

How to Reduce Product Development Cost

We addressed some of the best practices for fine-tuning expenditures, such as documenting defects, minimising prototype development time, drawing up requirements and more

Rajiv Bajaj

CEO, Bajaj and Bajaj Corporate Chambers

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Business growth through data-driven decision-making

We discussed how MSMEs can measure and analyze data accurately, use the right reporting tools and leverage analytics to make decisions that can help their business thrive.

Vivek Jyothi

IIM-B Alumnus, Business Advisor and Consultant


How to grow your Business

Listen to the exclusive webinar featuring Mr. Abhay Dahale, the founder of Igyne Fashions Private Limited. He shared his journey of building his business, Igyne Fashion, even after facing the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Mr. Abhay Dahale

Founder, Igyne Fashions Private Limited

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Expand your business: Strategies to tackle business challenges

Ms. Shaila, founder and director of EdiblePRO and Rashi E Waste Solutions Pvt. Ltd., shares insights on how to expand your business in the digital landscape. She also discusses the challenges she encountered and the strategies she employed to tackle them.

Ms. Shaila

Founder ad Director EdiblePRO

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Insights on Being a Social Entrepreneur

Aruna Dara, CEO of Apna Green Products, speaks about how entrepreneurs can take their businesses to the next level. She shares insights on digital growth, sustainability and social responsibility, that entrepreneurs can apply to their own businesses.

Aruna Dara

CEO, Apna Green Products,

Hyderabad, Telangana

Growing your business in the digital world

Dr. Dinesh Nagpal takes the participants on a ride with his business journey of selling organic goods – how Covid-19 forced him to go online and that ultimately proved beneficial for his traditional business. The founder of Athveda Herbals & Jewels Adda, his story begins from his childhood fascination with soaps to the pandemic when business took a new turn.

Dinesh Nagpal

Founder Athveda Herbals & Jewel Adda


Starting a business from scratch

Vinod Kumar Gulati, the founder of Anshu Footwear, explains the process of growing your business. An adept follower of trends, Gulati lists the tips to have your business of 30 years change with time while overcoming unprecedented crises like the pandemic.

Vinod Kumar Gulati

Founder, Anshu Footwear

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Achieving business growth and how

The webinar provided an in-depth look at Amod Anand’s business strategies and success story. The webinar provides insights on how to build your business in today’s changing times.

Amod Anand

Co-founder & Director Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Faridabad, Haryana

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